Competitive Hip Hop Cheer Dance and Music

Competitive Hip Hop Cheer Dance and Music

Competitive hip-hop cheer dance takes elements of hip-hop dance and incorporates them into cheer routines for an upbeat and edgy show that would make any group of judges sit up and take notice. Basic hip-hop dance moves like ball, change, step, popping and locking, the basic bounce, the slide step, and ticking can easily be adapted to cheer dance. With the right hip-hop cheer music, you can even use intermediate moves like the Dougie, the Cupid Shuffle, or the Spongebob. Search these moves on YouTube to see how to perform them step by step.

Hip Hop Cheer Music

Hip-hop cheer music is intense and fast-paced, just like the dancing itself. The average hip hop cheer dance routine will be 2 and a half to 3 minutes long, which means that multiple songs will often be mixed together to achieve the most flexibility in planning choreography.

The music also needs to be the appropriate length for the dance routine, which can be changed with remixing. Many cheer squads like taking inspiration from the most powerful women artists of hip-hop music for their routines. Some popular artists include Salt-N-Pepa, Queen Latifah, Foxy Brown, and Lauryn Hill.

NDA Hip Hop Cheer Dance

The National Dance Alliance, or NDA holds Nationals and championships in hip-hop cheer dance for high school and college students throughout the year and throughout the country, in Texas, Florida, and Colorado. NDA hip-hop cheer dance can be practiced at overnight camps, day camps, and home camps hosted by experienced NDA staff to encourage team bonding and skill building.

Students may have the chance to participate in NDA hip-hop cheer dance during special parades on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas in New York, Philadelphia, Florida or London if they meet the qualifications, such as attending an NDA Summer Camp, winning an award there and being in the upper grades of high school.