How To Be a Competitive Hip-Hop Dance Champion

How To Be a Competitive Hip-Hop Dance Champion
Competitive hip-hop dance has been storming the world since 2002, when the World Hip Hop Dance Championship was established. Popping, locking and breaking, solo and in groups, are styles that have been practiced and performed by 31 countries worldwide, by kids and adults alike. Hip-hop dance has been popular since the 1970s, practiced recreationally in the streets, but hip-hop competitive dance takes it one step further by allowing individuals and crews to meet for professional competitions that are held all over the world.
How Do You Get Into Competitive Hip Hop Dance?

Hip-hop competitive dance takes a lot of practice, especially when you are competing against other dancers that have years of experience, so if you want to gain the necessary skills, you should start out by taking some hip hop classes and learning the basics. Many dance studios or community centers offer hip-hop classes, so check online to see where hip hop dance classes are being given in your area. Some classes even teach competitive hip-hop dance techniques.
Once you feel confident in your skills, you should audition for a competitive hip-hop dance team. Competitive hip-hop dance teams can be found all over the country, so search online for a team near you.
Destination: The World Hip Hop Dance Championship in Las Vegas
The World Hip Hop Dance Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada features over 2000 dancers from 35-40 countries, making it a great chance to perform for fellow dancers as well as an audience. This year, the 13th annual competition will be composed of preliminary rounds and semifinals, then finals and world battles, taking place August 5th-10th. There will also be panel discussions lead by hip-hop legends, plus dance workshops and time to socialize.
To compete in the World Hip Hop Dance Championship, you or your crew will need to attend Hip Hop International’s applicable national qualification event where you will compete against other individuals or crews to earn a spot in the championship. This is a great chance to see what is in store for the main event. If you cannot attend your event, you must request a special invitation to compete. If you qualify or are invited, fill out and submit a registration form by mail, fax, or e-mail by or before July 1st, and secure reservations for hotel rooms as soon as your registration has been confirmed.